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    I have used both the 850 and the 660.

    The 660 wins hands down...way better than Moto.
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    Is there anything that the jabra 800 will do that the hbh-660 can't???
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    Quote Originally Posted by keswick
    Is there anything that the jabra 800 will do that the hbh-660 can't???

    Its supposed to vibrate on incoming calls. It also has a bigger screen. It has dedicated buttons for answer and reject.

    The outside of the headset is kinda ugly though.
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    So the 660 doesn't vibrate on incoming calls??? How important of a feature is that?? Any 660 owners input on this??? Do you use this feature often? If the pda vibrates, does it matter if the headset vibrates? I don't understand if this is a valuable feature and when you'd use it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pixhershko
    I have the hbh 660 and I like it very much the only part that did not make sense to me was the design of how the earpiece didn't fit right above the earcanal does it was a littlle to low of a volume issue for me but I got around it by " combining " the ear gel from an old jabra headset and hbh 660. now it works wonderful and clear.

    if you guys want a review here it is:
    so here is the report on hbh-600 ( please excuse the spelling mistakes english is second lingo)

    fitting: a little cumbersom, not centered on your ear canal.
    pairing : easy as a breez
    reciving calls: A. rings in your ear
    C. when butten on headset is press the call cuts tru to the headset to hangup from headset with the same butten.
    E. no static when phone is around the 3-5 ft zone.
    F. to dial your phone all you need is to enter the number and press
    talk,cuts tru the headset right away with no dely what so ever.
    volum on headset is not bad... so it looks like I will stay with this one.
    also was able to reject calls from the headset just like it supose to.

    hope it helped

    SE HBH 660
    [COLOR=MediumTurquoise]PLEASE EXPLAIN HOW YOU DID THIS? My ONLY hangup with the 660 is the way the speaker "misses" the ear canal and at high speeds in the car the volumne becomes a serious issue. If I could "combine" an ear gel, it might save the day[/COLOR]
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    So, the 660 AUTO-CONNECTS when you intiate a call on the Treo? I'm using an HS810 now, and I hate the fact that I have to dial, then press the headset button, then wait for the headset to connect. Occasionally the other person has already answered by the time it does. I didn't want to but ANOTHER headset, and keep trying them forever, but between the volume issue (FIX IT PALMONE!!!!) and the seemingly (to me) slow connection time it was starting to seem like it was more trouble than its worth. I haven't read my manual, but it appears all I can do is answer/end calls, and stand around waiting for my headset to connect. The biggest thing for me is the volume!
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    Quote Originally Posted by DrDoom
    So, the 660 AUTO-CONNECTS when you intiate a call on the Treo?
    Yes, the 660 auto-connects when you initiate a call and it does so very quickly!
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    I liked my Moto 850

    however, ever since using the SCALA 500, I've decided that my Moto is crap
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