I just bought a Treo 270 on eBay and I'm happy with it. I still can not use into T-Mobile's GPRS. I want to WAP thru GPRS, and I have a 250K limit. I used it easily with my previous phone, a Siemens MC60.

I set the following in the Blazer:

name: T-Mobile (should be T-Mobile sucks in the near future..)
connction: GPRS
user name and password OK
APN: wap
IP and DNS: auto

the name/password are correct. APN was internet on my previous phone, but tech support told me to use wap. i tried both, i got APN error message. So I'd say wap is correct.

When I tap connect on this screen, it connects (says speed 9600 which is strange) and the GPRS icon comes up. But when I try to load a page, any page I got error: Blazer can not load the page. Support told me i should use wps:// instead of http:// to reach wap pages, but that was no help..

Can anyone help me?

BTW with connection set to ISDN I can connect, but I suppose its the good'ol wap (icon has two horizontal arrows) and I dont want to pya by minutes.

Thanks for any help