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    Does anyone know of a good stock lookup application for the Treo 600 that utilizes the 5way navigation properly? I cannot seem to find the perfect stock app.

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    4Stocks from www,
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    4Stocks from
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    I third it. When the app became available for registration, I was right there. It reads the Yahoo! site real fast too. I keep track of 7 stocks with it. Ben
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    StockBroker from doesn't have great support for the 5-way, but it does have real-time quotes and the new version is stable.
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    4stocks is great, low priced, and has great support by its developer (as he does for all of his apps).
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    Thanks for all of your input.
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    4stocks is very good.

    there is also "stock manager", which can be found on it provides charts and all.
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    Have you tried Tiny Stocks? I don't know if it works with the 5-way nav. though.
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    You can also try InfoMan which we just released. It does have a module for getting stock quotes and portfolio management.

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