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    I did a hard reset on a new phone and now all the default available connections in the hotsync page are gone and I also can't get any internet w/ Sprint Vision Service. I'm getting a "Connect error occurred opening the network connection."

    Does anybody know how to mess w/ the network settings in the Prefs tab? I have my MSL access that part.

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    Hi Fonzo.

    When I got my first Treo 600 in Oct. 2003, I had the same issue with the HotSync, so I hope I can help you out.

    In the HotSync app, select Connection Setup :menu: D.

    From here make a new "Custom" connection and have it connect to your PC via Cradle/Cable. Set the speed to the maximum 115,200 and the Flow Ctl: to automatic.

    This was the way I first connected my T600 to my PC.

    Good luck, I hope I helped.
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    Thanks 7zero,

    Now I can hotsync but I'm still having problems w/ connecting to the internet. I'm trying to use PDANet and I can't make a connection. It was working before I did the hard reset. I'm thinking that the reset deleted some settings? I get "unable to open modem port(code 775) error" I tried the connectionMgr50db.pdb fix from the troubleshooting from PDANet but still nothing.

    Thanks again.
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    Funny cuz I had another 600 previous and it did the same thing but only after I did the update from P1. None of this happened before and I hard reset many times.
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