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    I purchased a Jabra 250 BT headset locally, thinking it was the exact same unit palmOne was shipping. Now I'm pretty sure that's not the case.

    According to palmOne's website, the "palmOne Bluetooth Headset" automaticly routes outbound call audio to the headset, while the "Jabra BT250 FreeSpeak Bluetooth Headset" does not. The Jabra model is the only BT headset palmOne sells, and it looks exactly like the 250, but they are listed seperately in this compatibility chart and support different features, therefore - they can't be the same:

    I can confirm that the Treo 650 does not route outbound call audio to the retail BT250 automaticly, whether it's pair in handsfree profile mode or not. Other posts in the forum suggests that the palmOne Jabra headset DOES support this (critical IMHO) feature.

    The palmOne Jabra headset must be a modified version of the 250. Can anyone else confirm this?
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    Maybe PalmOne crippled the Bluetooth to force people to by their branded stuff. I hope not, but it could be a possibility.
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    Mine routes calls I got it from palmone

    Wh o ares tho!

    When the JABRA BT 800 arrives with caller ID.. no more annoying "wax cleaning" ear gels, vibrating etc, we will ALL get rid of these things anyway!
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    i second that. im waitin for that one ^_^
    watch caller id wont be compatible with treo 650 or mabye the whole thing wont be.
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    The units are the same, but identify themselves to the T650 differently and P1 decided only to allow handsfree from the Jabra250 if they got $$$ from the sale. So, until someone comes out with a patch or P1 fixes this, you'll have to give P1 more money if you want a BT250 to work on your T650.

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