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    Any recommendations on where I might order extra ac adapters for the 650 (treo central says none in stock) ...
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    ebay.. A wireless store on ebay sells them.
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    Any OEM ones out there? I use nothing but OEM stuff for power related issues.
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    And cradles, too! I've got some peeved executives that can't see past having to use two hands to connect power vs one to drop in a cradle. Called Palm this morning ("Check the web site in 7-10 days") Yeah, Right
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    I've already lost my charger, I went to New Jersey this weekend and left it at the hotel. Right now I'm using an old Sprint charger with the adaptor included in the box. You should try that.
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    I bought a T5 Treo 650 travel charger there last week. $29.95. Good luck.

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