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    Does anyone know how to get the tv listing program Whatson to work correctly. I get as far as making a .txt file with the information downloaded and then I cannot get the information to hotsync onto the palm. If anyone knows how, can you help me!!
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    Did you follow the instruction's in the included HTML file to the T? I didn't know about this program before I saw your post so I tracked it down and installed it as per the instructions and had no problems. Also, I don't remember having to do anything with a .txt file. All I can say is that it works and is pretty cool. I suggest you have another go at it, just make sure to follow the instructions closely.


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    Thanks, I will give it a try again and keep you all posted I am sure that everyone is on the edge of their seat.
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    Problem solved althoug I did have to manipulate the .txt file in the whatson folder in my palm folder. Either way, it worked. i have to have the .txt file open when I am hotsyncing and then it worked. Thank you for causing me to go try it again.
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    I still think somethings up with your installation of WhatsOn. My installation went well. The only problem I had was downloading the right timezone to match my local schedule. (Had to choose daylight savings for some reason.) Anyway, I just double click on the icon when connected to the net, it downloads the programs and I synch. No txt file or anything.
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    I am glad that you mentioned the daylight savings time thing. That worked like a charm, no problems. Thank you very much. I stand corrected.
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    I'm gald to hear everything's well in TV land.

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