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    I have the Zagat To Go guide for my 650. Used it fine, and then playing with zlauncher moved it to the card. It didnt work, but since moving it back, it now resets my Treo every time I launch it. I deleted all the files and uninstalled the application. I cannot get it working again. Any suggestions? Do I need to do a hard reset on my Treo and start over?

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    ZAGAT TO GO is not compatible with storage cards but I'm not sure why it's not working after you uninstalled and re-installed. We are releasing an update to iron out some incompatibilities with the 650 and we hope to have it available next week. It's likely that this will fix your problem. To be notified when the update is available please send an email to


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    It is Dec 31 - Has this fix been released yet? Thanks.
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    This fix should be released next week.
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    Any news on this. You guys dont seem to reply to my emails looking for an update.
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    bumpty bump. Any fixes coming from Zagat?

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