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    I am pretty certain that when I first bought my 650 the green phone button would lauch the Phone application, but now it does nothing. I installed Butler but have since removed it. Anyone have any ideas how I can get the button to launch the phone app again? This button is not configurable in Prefs>Buttons.
    Matt Ridge
    Upward Technologies
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    I installed Agendus and it took over the phone button. I've tried the preferences screen but it doesn't allow changes to the phone button.
    When I press the Green - phone or send button I get the Agendus today screen.
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    If you guys do a search for "phone button" on these forums you will find a patch to correct this.
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    All of the posts I can find mention a 3rd party contact manager program that remaps the button. I have not installed any such program. Despite this, I downloaded the Reset Phone patch program and launched it which told me "1st button reset back to PhoneApp". However, the green phone button still does nothing.

    Any other suggestions???
    Matt Ridge
    Upward Technologies
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    I could not find a solution to this problem, so I did a hard-reset to get my phone button working again. I don't know when the button stopped functioning nor what event caused the problem.
    Matt Ridge
    Upward Technologies

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