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    hello everyone

    I've been trying to get these 2 to work together and it's a no go
    can anyone help me on what to do to make this work?

    I've read pretty much everything but still no luck
    any firmware update or something?

    maybe you have to say a special magical line or something,

    thanks in advance for your help
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    You need to do the following:

    1. Hold Jabra Volume + button and the Phone button... the blue light will blink quickly and eventually go solid

    2. Turn Bluetooth ON on the 650 and follow the steps to pair with the device "Hands Free Setup"

    3. 650 will ask you for a passcode for the Jabra device = 0000

    4. You should be all paired up... the Jabra's blue light will flash every 3 seconds is successful.

    Another tip: We've all found that the volume on the Jabra is very low ... unless you hit the MUTE button on the Treo itself... this has helped me alot...

    Also realize that there seem to be a few other quirky issues with the Treo's Bluetooth implementation - for example, can't get the REDIAL function to work (Hold down Phone button on Jabra until you hear 2 beeps)... so be patient - I hope that PalmOne will eventually address these issues as well....
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    hi dstrack

    thanks for the info

    i just found out that the Jabra unit was the BT200 NOT the 250
    and the Sprint store is out of them at the moment, :-(

    i'm going to order one from the treo store tonight
    let's hope this one works fine

    this is a very exciting device (Treo 650)
    can't hardly wait

    thanks again

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