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    Hey All

    I noticed, and im not sure if you guys posted this before but here is what's going on:

    1) Everytime i dial a number, the dialing noise, turns down the volume, or you here some type of step down clicking when dialing out

    2) When i talk to Sprints VM system, everything sounds fine, but when calling peopel from sprint, verizon, cingular, tmoblie, etc. i keep hearing these popping noises

    So my main complaint is that there's popping and cracking going on whenever i make a phone call, or I am having a conversation, the phone intermittelnly snap, crackle and pop during the conversation, which everything on their end is fine, but on mine, (when listening to them) is growing very annoying. (i keep hearing it popping as they talk, which doesnt' disrupt their voice, but it just adds more background noise) Is this related to the network issue you guys are theroizing? or could this be a faulty speaker, which is similar to the previous treo 600 had? Im about to send mine back to P1 since im also haveing other issues (Bluetooth not workign as well, Infrared is not sending or receiving (50% fail rate))
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    My speaker's been making crackling noises when reviewing ringtones. It's intermittent. It's not just when it turned up especially loud, either -- it makes the noise at any volume.
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    Mine did that too. P1 replaced it for me. The new one is a lot better, but I still hear some crackling noises. Your not the only one, do a search and you'll find others with the same problems.
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    What is Palm going to do about this issue? It's really annoying me. I've had the same problem. The phone did this when I first got the phone and then it stopped doing it after I had used the phone for a little while. I was hoping the speaker just needed a break-in period. Has anyone received a phone that has never had this crackling speaker problem or received a phone that did it initially, but now the speaker works great? Thanks.
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    I had this problem too, but a soft reboot corrected 95% of the problem

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