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    I am looking for a program that would allow me to sync with my AOL mail for purely offline use. I'd like to be able to read, reply and compose quick emails on the visor and sync them to the mail to be sent on my desktop for the next time I connect. Is there any such thing? I've seen HandMail, but it doesn't specify if it can do this and I don't want to pay for the extra ability to connect via a visor modem that I don't have and may never buy.
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    I have the same question, and am syncing with a Mac.
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    also works with compuserv and prodigy.
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    Are you sure? I searched on handstamp at palmgear, and it brought up handmail, which is apparently a later generation of handstamp. Handstamp is billed for use with older palm 1000's etc. Does handstamp work on the visor? Is it free or cheap (handmail is $50!)? Does it sync with my desktop AOL? This is my whole use for it, since I don't have a modem and don't know that I will get one, unless the Innogear 6-pack seduces me.
    I just want a simple cheap program to allow me to sync with the AOL in/out box on my desktop.
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    I found a program called TransAOL (not available on palmgear I think) that seems to fit the bill but haven't gotten it to work. See my other post about this. Give it a try and see if you have better luck.
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    Have you looked at pocketflash 2.0? Tap Magazine (2.5) had a review of it. They gave it an 8.

    Pro: supports multiple master accounts, attachments, signatures, variable message caps, tcip/ip

    con: mediocre intergration with address book; cumbersome implementation of some features.

    verdict: a worthwhile chhoice for aol power users.

    They also mentioned AOL version. Keyword Palm, but you need a modem. It is free.

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    I did just download the trial of pocketflash and it seems to require a modem. I will look more carefully at the documentation, but $25 is still a lot for what I'm looking for. I reread my posts above and I don't think they were very clear.
    I only want to compose email on my visor, then sync it onto my desktop to be send from the desktop. I'd also love to be able to save downloaded mail to the visor to read on the go.
    Random thought: has anyone tried to use AvantGo to access web based email?

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