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    I had to return my first 650. It wouldn't let me turn the phone back on, after it was turned off, without removing the battery and maybe doing a soft reset or two.

    The second one is working fine....I think, but two things I wanted to see if they are "normal".

    First, there seems to be a longer delay on the second one, when dialing from Contacts......

    And, twice when I dialed from contacts, it did it's own soft reset. Hasn't happened again however.

    Oh, BTW. I have NO third party software and have 19 meg of memory available. Just a FYI, as you look at the above.
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    both problems have been reported in this forum. I have had the soft reset problem a few times (once today), no more than once or twice a day. I hope it is a software problem that will be patched before to long...
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    How about the delay dialing from Contacts. I don't seem to remember it on the first.
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    ...I wanted to see if they are "normal"...twice when I dialed from contacts, it did it's own soft reset...
    Resets when attempting to make a phone call?

    Yup, perfectly normal for a $600+ cellphone with a few extra features, alrightee!


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