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    This may have been answered elsewhere, but when I am reading my ebooks in bed at night I hate the keyboard light glaring at me.
    Is there anyway to turn that light off?

    Thanks for any help you may have.

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    Not possible on the 650.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mortgageguy
    Not possible on the 650.
    not possible...yet
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    i'm kind of curious what exactly they're using for the illumination. white led's i suppose.
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    Quote Originally Posted by anastrophe
    i'm kind of curious what exactly they're using for the illumination. white led's i suppose.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dutchtrumpet
    Looks pretty similar to the illumination of a 4100K HID Bulb
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    I'm going to try & mod it. I just have to find one of those little star-stip screwdrivers...
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    The other day I was thinking that maybe someone could create a skin to you could stick on top of the keys, but the light would still come out the sides....
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    I thought that too. maybe a rubber case that would cover & dim the keys. If I had the money, i'd make one!
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    It worked for your cat! LOL (Love that picture!)
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    This is sort of strange, but the other day I noticed that if I have PocketTunes running in the background, the backlight (650) can be turned off. You have to have PT on in the background and be in another application, then if you turn your treo off and then back on again, the keyboard will stay off. Of course, as soon as the display shuts off and you turn it back on again, the keyboard will light up. Of course, this is really of very little use, hopefully a developer will come along and make a keyboard utility.
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    P1 stated that a turn off utility could be written but a Dim utility would be difficult if not impossible
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    Quote Originally Posted by treoneo
    those little star-stip screwdrivers...
    They're called Torx drivers, and you should be able to find a mini-set at RadioShack. Before you crack open your new 650, can you say w-a-r-r-a-n-t-y?
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    i was on the handango web site under software for smartphones and one of the ones i saw listed was a .prc file to shut off the key board light.

    i am sorry i do not have the specific link but it is a utility i saw in handango.

    Now i dont know if it will work with the 650 but you can check
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    My suggestion would be to take it apart and paint the bulb with some sort of translucent gray paint. I could probably live with it being on all the time if it wasn't so bright.

    Of course, I am not handy in this way, so don't run with my suggestion if you're not already familiar with doing this sort of thing. As for me, I'm likely going to return my 650 to p1 (or sell it on eBay - whichever is more lucrative).

    Now THIS is the future of smartphones.
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    I can see it now. Three flavors of 650. Camera, Camera-less, Dim keyboard light. Maybe 4 if they have a camera-less dim backlight version also for really uptight employers.
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    The don't need a separate version for dim keyboard light. They just need to include the hardware necessary to let the user adjust the backlight. Frankly, I find Palm's decision to add an ultra bright light to keyboard and NOT make it user adjustable to be even more inexplicable than the memory architecture. Palm designers and execs really need to get out more.
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