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    Quote Originally Posted by KevMeister
    The Bug Me note pad (as previously posted), looks awesome, but at 700-850Kb it looks to be a memory hog!

    Since I already Have Agendus Pro (9.0), getting EasyNotes looks like a no brainer! (Plus it's cheaper.) How many kbs does it take up?!
    I've got EasyNotes loaded on my Treo and it's file size is about 315k. It also has a couple of small db files that are required. The sizes for these will vary depending on the size of your existing and new memo/note files. EasyNotes uses the same notes database as the Palm Memo app.
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    Quote Originally Posted by odysseus
    Can it play back voice memo files?
    EasyNotes will playback voice recordings. I've only started testing the record portion of this app, but it appears you can record up to about 20 minutes for each note, which seems a lot for most purposes. You can also adjust the record volume. It also allows adjustment of two things I'm not familar with:
    8 or 16 bit - ?
    8000 Hz to 44,100 Hz - ?
    I assume the adjustments above control recording quality, but not sure.

    It will not allow you to add to an existing recording. You can only clear existing or record over existing memo recordings. Some have expressed a dislike about this and I don't know if Iambic intends to enhance this to allow adding to an existing recording.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sleuth2
    You might want to try BugMe Classic which is much smaller in size. I also use CueCard Notes which are awesome note templates (notebook syle, graph paper etc....)
    I searched for BugMe Classic, but could not find it. Can you point me in the right direction?

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    I love this program! Great ddditions like Icons and search feature, not to mention the voice and drawing applications. One quirk I noticed:

    +When creating a new Memo, the newest memo appearrs at the top, whilst in the original OEM Memo app, the newest memo appeares at the bottom of the list. Is there a way to change/modify this so the newest memo is last?
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    I just noticed that in EasyNotes, you cant toggle between Note categories by continuing to press the main "envelope" buttton (multiple times), to the left of the red phone button. Will there be a fix for this?
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    When I synch the notes I create on my 650 to the Palm Desktop, I can see a listing of the notes but the note image is all garbled. Any ideas to fix this?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SofTTware
    When I synch the notes I create on my 650 to the Palm Desktop, I can see a listing of the notes but the note image is all garbled. Any ideas to fix this?
    Me too. (On a Mac here, running Mark/Space's Missing Sync.)

    I think it's because we don't have some PNG library file on the 650 or something, ie: we don't have all the ingredients to be running this Notepad app in the first place?

    I'd really like to see further movement on this "hack" so we can truly sync (or at least "backup to computer" our scribblings.
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    I think PolyNote is probably the best note/sketch program with reoccurring alarms. It even has 5 way navigation support for the Treo. And it's Free.
    Graphics and Animation
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    I recently went from my M505 to a Treo 680 (Cingular) and wanted to get Note Pad & my old notes on it. Thanks to this thread, (and the kind, helpful folks on it), I was successful.

    I emailed myself the T5 files listed, (Note Pad_2.3_from on pg. 4 and CompressionPng.prc, CompressionZlib.prc on pg. 5)
    clicked on them in the email on the Treo to install, then beamed across all my old notes from the M505. The database (npadDB.PDB) gets backed up on Hotsync. Thanks folks, much appreciated.

    Now for the icing on the cake... anyone had any luck getting the PC (Windows) Note Pad.exe to view the Notes?

    I found the old Note Pad.exe v1.0, Note Pad.DLL and PALMNPAD.HLP from Palm Desktop 4.1 but though it runs and my profile is listed - no joy seeing any of the notes. Perhaps I need the Note Pad.exe, etc. from the T5 (Palm Desktop 4.1.4 - right?). But perhaps I just need to know where the various files need to live? The registry didn't give me any clues. Right-click, Open with... on the PDB file opened Note Pad.exe, but same as running it standalone - no Notes. I notice I have a \Note Pad\Note Pad.dat file that's not being updated when I Hotsync. Maybe that was the Note Pad v 1.0 db... but I can't get Note Pad v 1.0 to open that either.

    Anyway - thanks in advance for any help. Hopefully I'll be able to lend a hand to one of you sometime.
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    I managed to get note pad on my treo 650 SD card but I want to move it to my memory. When i try to copy it says it is locked.

    Any help.
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    I have a 680 and followed the thread to email 2.3 to me and installed fine (thanks for sending that out). My first sync works fine. After that Note Pad is gone and I have to reinstall. I love this app and was really pleased to find this thread. Any help?
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    NotePad just seems to diappear from timeto time. It's been doing it for years to me. I just keep a copy of the 4 files on my memory card and copy them back over when it does disappear. The NotePad database seems to remain in tact when the app goes away.
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    Im unable to get to these files from the posting by mg48. Takes me to the registration page, which just loops on me.

    Any ideas?

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    opps. got it. Browser problems.
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    Thank you!!
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    First I asked; anybody have a copy of PNG library ? Then I realized that all files including the compressionzlib and compressionpng had to be installed to card then moved via Filez to internal. (ahhhhh...)
    Thanks everyone!!! Save trees go digital!
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