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    oops.. Did anyone get Note Pad working on the Verizon treo 600? And how?
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    OOps again...

    The icon shows up, but, when selected, the screen goes blank for a second and then back to the icons again.

    Treo 600 Verizon V: 1.11
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    I've been testing Iambic's (Agendus) new notepad program EasyNotes. It has much of the features from the notepad program discussed here. I think someone asked if there are any 3rd party apps providing similar functions. EasyNotes has many of the features of the T3 notepad program that work pretty well; i.e., note categories, titles ,search, text entry, drawing pad, voice recorder, and alarms. Each note can contain any of the 3 main functions; text, drawing, voice record or only one or two along with alarms. You can also beam notes. It also supports the Dpad navigation. It does not have a built-in time/date stamp function, but you can easily create one for a note by using the Treo shortcut keys for this. EasyNotes uses the Memo Pad database, so it's integrated with existing memos. The drawing pad works quite well with good resolution. You can download and test it for 15 days from Iambic's site.
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    I just posted a reply in this thread about EasyNotes and then found out something from Iambic about the program that's not good. Apparently, EasyNotes is causing soft resets in some instances when a pen or voice record is attached to a note. I've experienced this a couple of times myself and reported it to Iambic as have others.

    They now have a post in their forum that they are working to resolve the problem, but I don't have a date for resolution. Their suggestion is not to use the voice and pen features on notes until a fix is completed, but that sort of makes the program no more useful that MemoPad. Anyone interested in this program should wait. I'll post an update when I hear from Iambic.
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    Thanks for this follow-up. I was *just* about to try EasyNotes, but I'll now wait.
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    This looks like a great app. Please keep us posted treonut!
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    Will do. Iambic's been pretty good about working with me as well as keeping me updated on any current issues with the program. I think it will be a great little app when everything gets worked out. Some may object to the price. I think it goes for about $17 or so.

    One other thing about this app is that it will sync notes with your PC Email client. I never thought to check if it would include the drawings and voice recordings as part of the notes on the PC. It would be great if it did even if they were only in a read only format.
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    Have you seen this new s/w Write Now?
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    How does Notepad campare to Bugme (other then being free)?
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    I think BugMe is a litter better, but enough to pay the difference in price
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    First, let me thank those who've been so generous with time and expertise; my enjoyment of my Treo 650 is greatly enhanced by your willingness to help.

    There was a question earlier in the thread about receiving an error message when attempting to beam from the notepad. I read this some time ago on TreoCentral, I'm sure, but can't find the thread now. There are two additional files needed...
    Attached Files Attached Files
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    I am not much into beaming....
    I have detailed files.
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    The Bug Me note pad (as previously posted), looks awesome, but at 700-850Kb it looks to be a memory hog!

    Since I already Have Agendus Pro (9.0), getting EasyNotes looks like a no brainer! (Plus it's cheaper.) How many kbs does it take up?!
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    You might want to try BugMe Classic which is much smaller in size. I also use CueCard Notes which are awesome note templates (notebook syle, graph paper etc....)
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    Welcome to Treo Central! That basic notepad app looks cool, though I'm wondering if one could export some of those templates (like the post-it type message notes) to another program like Easynotes...
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    from Franko515's thread i downloaded all 4 pieces (the zip and the two beamers).

    What i did was put my card into my card reader, and threw the files into the PALM/LAUNCHER folder...thats the only place where it can properly compile from what I found. This app is dang good man!!! I got rid of diddlebug, and from hi-launcher where diddlebug used to the palm app Its rocks man! thanks all
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    I'm posting this to let those that do not know that Iambic has released an updated version of EasyNotes that has fixed its previous major problems. The new version is 2.01. I downloaded it yesterday after getting a new demo code and so far it's quite stable and working well.

    EasyNotes has great potential as fairly powerful note application. The pen drawing, voice record, and note title functions for notes add a lot and it uses the native memo pad database so you do not lose anything. The program is fairly inexpensive, prox. $15 I believe.

    For me, the new release still lacks some needed features:
    a. Limited icon set available for notes and no integration to Iambic icons if you use Agendus.
    b. No link to EasyNotes from within Agendus.
    c. You cannot default a particular pen style; e.g., fine, broad, etc. It defaults to fine.
    d. Voice recorder does not allow additions to recordings.
    e. Cannot beam or BT notes from within program.

    Iambic is working on enhancements including some of the ones on the list above and are promised soon. If you use the app or test it and are interested in it, you should posts your feature requests to Iambic on their support forum. The more posts they get, the better I think.

    If you previously used a demo version and your code has expired you can get a new code by emailing, provide them with your hotsync id used previously, and they will generate a new code and send it to you.
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    Can it play back voice memo files?
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    Quote Originally Posted by odysseus
    Can it play back voice memo files?
    I believe it does. I'm going to be testing that today.
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