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    Am I missing something?
    Where did the "float" option in my 650 calendar go???
    I used it all the time (being the procrastinator that I am)
    It allowed the calendar item to keep following you until indefinately until you did something with it.

    Help anyone?


    Clayton :confused
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    They took it out when they switched from Handspring's software to Palm1. I thought I was the only one here who noticed that. I bought Datebk5 to get them back.
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    Handsprings calendar was a limited feature version of Datebk5. Palm's calendar has never had it. I highly recommend Datebk5 for floating events and other features. And the money raised from it goes to a worthy cause.

    Make sure you get the preview release v5.4a p6 for the Treo 650. Look in the small print on the right hand side of the screen.
    Bob Meyer
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    Anyone know how to get floating events or similar without having to install some large 3rd party app. The palm's built in does everything I need except the floating events. Is there anyway to just install that one function.

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