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    I have a large MS Access database, over 11,000 records of music that I use DJing and would like to be able to import this into the visor. The problem I have is all of the database software I have tried to convert the database with are limited to 5,000-10,000 records. Any suggestions? I only need to view and search.
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    ThinkDB allows 65,000 records.

    You can find it at or

    It also has a coverter that allows you to bring in the Access files without a problem.

    Moose Man

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    If that doesn't work, you might try splitting your DB into genre (Rock, Metal, Pop, Country, Rap, etc.) to reduce the number of records per file.. that should provide you with more than enough space, and since most places you'd DJ at probably only want a few genres, it shouldn't be TOO inconvenient.

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