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    LOL! This is great.

    But the single most useful application of Bluetooth -- linking the phone to a Bluetooth-compatible laptop, allowing you to go online anywhere wireless coverage is available -- isn't available. Sprint says it had meant to include this feature, but had to leave it out "due to lack of time for testing and quality control," said Lisa Ihde, a spokeswoman who said it would be added in "an upcoming maintenance release."

    Since third-party software has already been released to activate this feature (see, I hope the wait will be short.
    He glosses over the NVFS issue saying it will only affect "power users" like other reviewers though...
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    That's generally true. I even consider myself a power user and I haven't run up against it myself.

    Not defending P1 - it's just silly to have an upgrade that can't handle everything the old platform could. But I am defending the reviewers...all the people I know with the 650 haven't actually had any memory troubles (though they all know about it from TC).
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    While I believe that there really is a memory issue, I've to say that I'd like to understand where this is coming from. On my Treo 600, 330 contacts are taking up 197K of memory.

    On a Treo 650, 230 contacts (I cut them down due to all the screaming I heard on TC), it's taking up 191K plus there is something listed as ContactsLib-P1CT at 45K. Certainly not as efficient but not as tragic as the posts around here.

    Not trying to flame or troll just saying my experience is not as doom and gloom as the post would lead you to believe. I had almost considered giving up on the 650 until the local store had one I could see myself.

    Quote Originally Posted by gfunkmagic
    LOL! This is great.

    He glosses over the NVFS issue saying it will only affect "power users" like other reviewers though...
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    I agree. I was concerned about the memory, even went so far as to delete some truly old contacts that I never use. Loaded Agendus Pro (I really wanted to try it after looking into it, and was heart broken to think it wasn't going to fit on my 650) and no problems. I've had one reset since I got it, and it was due to a program I loaded that I knew I probably shouldn't have. I've since deleted Agendus (too damn complicated and I didn't like the way it was handling SMS, a function I use a ton of) and am happily awaiting a reply from Pimlico to see if I can get Datebook5 to work (not sure why it didn't, but it didn't). No complaints. Incidentally, I guess I don't have 5000 contacts, but I do clock in at 2182. That's as much of a "power user" as I wanna be. Not to mention my email database (old email files) contains over 600 "essential" emails that I don't wanna delete, so take that for what it's worth.
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    are you aware that you can modify Agendus Pro to utilze the built in SMS or whatever you use for SMS

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