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    good signal lots of drop calls


    If somenody ca n help me. My treo just brand new but I have noticed despite 3-4 bars of signal I seem to be having lots of drop calls and unable to make any calls. My service is under Verizon. We have another verizon cellphone which never have any problem on exact same location when this happens. Is this a Treo problem by itself. It's so frustrating...
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    Does it happen all the time? At one point my Treo would only make calls when plugged into the cig adapter in my car or while plugged in at home but not anyother time. That phone is not with us anylonger since that was a warrenty issue.
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    I had the same problem as toddlamp. With the 600 plugged in, I could make calls without them being dropped. If I unplugged the charger, it was a 50/50 probability of a dropped call. I was only 1/2 miles from the Sprint tower getting a RSSI in excess of 101 (strong signal). I took the 600 into Sprint and they advised me that the transmitter module was bad and that this was a problem that they had seen on a few 600's. Since this was just one store, it must be a very common problem overall. Since yours is new, I would take it back for a replacement.

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