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    I love to see what people have on their Visors that they "can't live without". I couldn't pick only 1 or 2 apps that would apply so I thought I'd list my favorites here:

    1) Act Names - this is a great calendar that allows you to see your ToDo's in the day and week view.
    2) SuperNames - this gives you twice the capasity for each record as well as allowing you to link an entry to another name, appointment or note.
    3) Memo Plus - This allows you to a) create templates for you memo's and b) attach drawings to any memo.

    1) Trip - the best milage log that exports to memopad
    2) AvantGo - download and web sites and pages to your palm (if you haven't tried it you MUST stop what you are doing and try it NOW!!!)
    3) 'Documents to Go' with 'Smart Doc' & 'Quick Sheet' - Doc2go allows you to sync Word or Excel files onto your palm and view them. Smart Doc & Quick Sheet allows you to EDIT them!!!
    4) VehicleLog - everything that Trip doesn't do, keeps track of fuel and service for your vehicles, but doesn't export to anything :-(

    1) SimCity
    2) Rally100
    3) Astroids

    1) Gulliver, log trips, flights, car rentals, and hotels that transfers to your datebook!
    2) Air Miles, keep track of milage programs and points
    3) AreaCode & ZipCode+, find any area or zip codes!

    I hope this spawns some good discussions and (hopefully) let's me know of some new application I must have, that I haven't found yet!!!

    ~ Michael

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    Opps! I forgot LauncherIII is a must have!!!

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    Must Have Applications
    CoLauncher $8 - Choose one button to "sacrifice" as shortcut launcher. All other buttons work the same until you press the launcher button followed by either a programmed button or graffiti stroke to launch applications, turnon backlight, etc. Eg. I press the calculator button then memopad to launch diddlebug for quick notes on the fly.
    Beam Box "Nag Free Shareware" - Beam any file on the visor instead of the limited choices available with the standard OS.
    AvantGo Free - Download specialized channels or any web page to your visor on hotsync and then read on the go. I currently have NY Times, Wash. Post, CNet, PalmPower, Science Daily News, TV Listings, Weather. Also this is the way to bring directions from mapquest with you.
    CheckList Free - Allows you to build checklists similar to todo, but useful for situations that would clutter todo. Currently I have a packing list for travel, and the inventory of our downstairs freezer (we have a lot of whole meals stored that way). Simple, but well worth the price.
    DiddleBug Free - Allows freehand sketches for quicker jotted notes. Allows you to transcribe your own scribble later and automatically send it to a wide variety of apps (all standard palm os apps for starters.) See for a better sell job.
    HandyShopper Free - Great program similar to Checklist, but optimized for shopping, including tracking the aisle an item is in, tracking which store carries which items, even prices. This cut a recent trip to the grocery store by 20 minutes since I already knew where each item was. (Having entered the aisles from a list I got earlier at the store) NEW Version 2.0 Beta works great!
    Mass Transit Free? Currently beta, but I have not had any major problems - Allows mass moves of category quickly (deletes too). Saves having to go to details page of each record individually. I don't use this every day, but it has sure come in useful, especially when beaming a whole category in address book, which gets dumped into unfiled. Currently supports only Addr. Book, Memo pad, ToDo list, but this is a great start.
    CSpot Run Free - Doc Reader I like as much as TealDoc/AportisDoc with no fee!

    CharHack .05 ?? - Allows user definable swipe (I use calc button to find) to bring up a pop up "keyboard" of characters that it can be hard to remember the grafiti strokes for.
    MagicTextHack $17.95 - Actually Worth the money I think. Double, Triple, Quad Click. Drag to copy/move. Plus context sensitive shortcuts including Change case (Upper, lower, Title) Cut, Copy, Paste, Undo, Email & Phone Lookup, Encryptor, Find/Replace
    MiddleCapsHack Free - Eliminate need for annoying (IMHO) shift stroke by automatically capitalizing letters drawn in definable areas of the grafiti area.
    Keyb+Grafiti Free - Allows you to continue using grafiti even when the keyboards are popped up which standard OS does not allow surprisingly. Useful in a lot of situations.

    Deleted Apps/Hacks:
    Memo Plus: Diddlebug is free and handles the graphic input part and regular memopad works fine for the rest. I only miss being able to customize memo names beyond first line as name, and the trash can quick delete.
    App Hack: Similar to colauncher, but I like that one better. AppHack might even be more expensive.
    MenuHack: Allows you to launch a menu by tapping the title bar instead of the menu silkscreen. Free, but I got used to the button and didn't wondered if too many hacks were slowing me down.
    App/DA Launcher .5: A desk accessory launcher. The two DA's I have found most convenient are 1)IR switch to quickly (2 clicks from anywhere) turn on Beam receive so I can leave it off to save batteries. and 2) SHChanger DA which quickly toggles show/hide for private files.

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