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    I have read about voltage issues and software. Is the software correcting the Visor's calibration specifically for the Visor or is it the one that can be used for any Palm OS unit? Also, what is the best program for reading clearly the voltage output. Are these all hackmaster programs? What is a good basic hackmaster program to get started with hacks?
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    You may want to go back and look at my post on the freeware question you posed. I listed a bunch of hacks there that I use.

    My favorites:
    MenuHack (opens the menu bar by clicking on the title of the app. This one is the all-time best hack ever)

    AfterBurnerIII (under and overclocks the Visor)

    Keyb+Graffiti (lets you use the virtual keyboard and graffiti strokes at the same time)

    You can use the freeware EVPlugBase instead of the shareware HackMaster to manage any hacks you have installed. It works great and I've had no problems at all.

    As far as the voltage stuff goes, I'm on my second set of batteries (Duracell alkalines) and I'm using the battery meter functions of LauncherIII to show me the existing battery voltage. It seems to be pretty accurate although the meter does jump due to temperature differences. There are hacks out there that can modify the voltage/meter levels for different kinds of batteries (NiMH, NiCad, alkaline, etc...) but I haven't tried them yet. I just change the batteries when the Visor tells me to, not at some arbitrary level like 2.4V.

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    I'm personally using Runtime (english) for a few reasons:

    1) It's free. Yea!
    2) It does NOT require any hacks to be installed.
    3) It can automatically detect battery changes.
    4) It will display a graph showing how your batteries are decharging over time -- very nice.

    It's available through palmgear, I think... and again, it's free.
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    Could not find runtime in Palmgear.
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    Anyone know of issues with Peter Strobel's BatteryMonitor hack? It crashes my Visor pretty hard.
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    Check out Strobel's web site. I think he states that BatteryMonitorHack won't work with PalmOS v3 (or higher).
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    OK, I'll bite. How do you get Runtime to 'automatically detect battery changes'? I forgot to tell it I'd changed the batteries last time.
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    My mistake... I mis-read the docs.

    Runtime will NOT automatically detect battery changes. The option I was thinking about was "Auto-Store" which simply keeps track of the battery voltage daily, whether you run RunTime that day or not. (If you don't set this option, you'll need to run RunTime at least once daily.)

    The only settable options are available from the 'Battery voltage graph' screen...

    1. Switch to 'Battery voltage graph' screen
    2. Tap title bar
    3. Set min/max voltage for graph display
    4. Make sure Auto-Store is ON (see above)
    5. Enable Lines/Bars as you prefer.

    Hope this clarifies things.
    - William

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