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    I just recieved the treo 650 from Sprint. I use OUTLOOK 2003 on my desktop. I was able the sync the contacts etc no problem. My newbie question here is: Can i get realtime updates to my treo 650 from the desktop OUTLOOK? In other words, when i recieve and email from my pop3 account or if someone from my home desktop updates a calandar entry i would like to get an alert on the treo. I know sprint offers the PCS Business Connection. Can my treo do this without paying for it? Any replies would be great. Forgive my newbieness to the smartphone world!
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    Gotta have BC or Goodlink for push features that you are describing.
    Mike G

    Touch (Sprint)
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    thanks MG
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    BC is free with certain vision plans. If you look at the 3 vision plans offered, you dont need the picture mail version since you have a fully functional email client. The only other thing you get is the $$ credit for software downloads which are a ripoff!!!
    GO with the 3rd plan that offers BC for free.

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