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    Well, since this topic has been revived and I've now had my Treo for a while, I guess I'll post an update.

    For the hardware, the screen is excellent. No problems at all. Controls can get a little cramped if you're using the 5-way and the side buttons together, but for MicroQuad and GTS I only use the four hard buttons and that works out beautifully. The only gripe is that sometimes I hit the home button by accident since it's right there and I get kicked out. Sound is pretty good, surprisingly good with headphones. I've never had a problem with battery life, although I plug it in every night. With scattered calling, web, e-mail, PDA, and gaming throughout the day, I think the lowest I ever got to was 34%, but usually I only reach 66% after a typical day. I don't use the phone a lot, though, so that factors in.

    NesEm: Very good, but I've since switched to LJP since the sound is a little better.

    Snails: I got it when it was only $9.95. Fun if you like artillery/Scorched Earth type games, and ultra cute. I love when my snail goes "Yo yo yo!"

    GTS Racing Challenge, MicroQuad: Traditional and kart racing. Both good.

    Hellfire: Apache vs. Hind: Tried the demo, didn't really care for it. Targetting is sometimes awkward, chopper isn't easily maneuverable.

    Bejeweled: It was great going from a 4-bit monochrome version to a full color one with sound and music. I eventually sprung for Bejeweled 2.

    Mummy Maze: See above.

    Zuma: I like this game, enough so that I played all the way through and beat it. Sound, graphics, and music are great, but the gameplay could be a bit more balanced. Although it sometimes got tight, I only died once in a normal level the entire time I've played it. Meanwhile the two streams at once levels are very hard, and I have to try multiple times to get through them. I don't regret buying it though.

    EDIT: I forgot to mention that the digitizer flakiness of the Sprint 650 becomes annoying here. Zuma requires much more precision than Bejeweled, and it would sometimes send a ball in some random direction instead of where I tapped. Turning off the phone while playing helps a lot.

    Arvale: Tried it out of curiousity, crashed. I would try the no sound version which uses less memory, but I'm not interested enough.

    Warfare Inc.: Haven't tried it.

    Interstellar Flames: Tried the demo, didn't care for it. It shoots automatically and you target/move your ship with the stylus. It was too hard for me to control effectively.
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