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    Those of you who have or thinking of buying a treo 650 beware of a maping problem with KeyContacts and the treo 650. The treo will default to using the KeyContacts data base, but when you press the green phone/send button it will go to KeyContacts instead of the intended default treo dialer. Contact Chapura tech support and they will send you a file to unmap this problem. An update to KeySuites to fix this problem is pending.

    I am still working on using the 5-way navigation button to dial. This is also likely maping a problem. Overall I really like the treo 650. It works as advertised.
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    I posted this when it hijacked my button way back...

    I have been a longtime KEYSUITE user.. But Ill tell you.. I dumnped KeyContacts part of keysuite...

    There is just TOO MUCH that is part of the contact database like the picture caller ID etc that is not available in Keysuite...
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    Man, I wish I saw this before installing. This has been driving me nuts for the past hour.

    I keep switching back and forth between KC and Beyond Contacts --- time to switch to a new contact app again.
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    What about just using PocketMirror XT Pro? that way you can still sync to Outlook and use the native Palm databases so as not to use extra storage from the BC or KS databases
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