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    For those of you who have been around, so to speak, as I wait for my Visor to arrive I would appreciate any recomendations/comments you have for DOC readers. Also, scanning the forum, I have noticed that some people have more than one DOC reader loaded, any specific reason for this?


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    Without a doubt, isilo is all you need. You can read all .doc format and it compresses the documents more than Aportis. Additionally, it gives you a find and bookmark feature on the free version. After using it for 2 days, I deleted Aportisdoc.
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    I use TealDoc. It incorporates images and links and it has bookmarks and find features. It is supposed to be $16.95, but it is a full version in the unregistered form, you just have to put up with a brief registry reminder. TealDoc is worth looking at. I like it much better than Aportis.
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    I use CSpotRun. Simple, small, and gets the job done. And it's free!!

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    Consider this another vote for CSpotRun. It's better than AportisDoc IMO. I haven't had a chance to try out iSilo though.
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    I like Smartdoc, since it allows you to edit DOC files on the Visor. I sued to use my Palm Pro with the Gotype keyboard for writing when out and about. Once the Gotype for Visor comes out, I'll have my portable office again!

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    CSpotRun gets my vote, too.

    Version 0.8 (out last week) added a "find" feature. Version 0.9 (out this week) added an auto-scroll feature. No bookmarks, though, but you can jump around in increments of 10%.

    And it's free.
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    I use Aportis as much out of inertia as anything else...I started out with Rick Bram's original Doc reader and got Aportis as an upgrade. I just wanted to point out that with the extra RAM in the Visor, it makes more sense to merge ebooks into single docs or at least fewer docs than one would use for the same number of pages on a wimpy Palm...this makes bookmarks a useful feature.

    <begin pontification>
    Hawkeye, send them the $16.95 if you really use it...I know people who do shareware for a living and the operative term here is for a living . While using shareware without registering is probably less noxious than shoplifting, I rate it as a little worse than listening to NPR and not pledging.
    <end pontification>

    There is a very thorough comparison/review of Doc readers at

    Based on the review, I'd go for TealDoc or RichReader if I was starting over. Since I already paid for AportisME, I guess I'm comparing it to CSpotRun for the marginal cost of changing, so I'll stay with Aportis for now.

    As the review says, the coolest Tealdoc feature is the embedded graphics, but most of the existing docs don't use this to maintain compatibility with other readers...Catch-22...
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    QED is pretty cool too! "The original DOC editor". Supports editing, creating, copy/paste, categories, find (in current doc), bookmarks (add them in place on the Visor).

    Shareware, full function, $23 to register.
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    Great info on doc readers. What about software that also converts MS word files to palm format?

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    tecwritr - Richreader claims to read RTF files (I haven't tried it); Word can save as RTF. This may not work smoothly since MS never follows the same "standard" every time they change versions of Word.

    This reminds me...I once made a wp file in a program called WriteNow, now an orphan, a wp for the Mac written in 68000 assembler by the Next. My doc, which had embedded graphics from MacDraw, symbol fonts etc, converted beautifully via RTF to Wordperfect running on a Wintel machine...a platform where WriteNow and MacDraw had never been seen. Same doc via RTF into MS-Word on a Mac --> crash boom reset.
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    Here is an example of having two DOC readers loaded. I have both CSpotRun and TealDoc on my Visor.

    TealDoc is great, and having images in a DOC (I have the TPM reference and Stealth Planes loaded) really is a bonus I didn't know I wanted until I saw it. Unfortunately, TealDoc doesn't deal well with DOCs stored on the 8MB Flash Springboard (Fatal Exception each time you open one), and DOC storage is the main reason I bought the 8MB Springboard.

    CSpotRun does just fine with the Flash module, but you can't categorize the files, they are just in one big list. Also, CSpotRun doesn't support images.

    So I use CSpotRun for my everyday reading, and TealDoc for more "luxury" reading.

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    Personally, I use CSpotRun for its simplicity. I honestly haven't tried any others, but for now, it does everything I need it to do and it didn't cost a dime.
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    QED is great and couple it with PalmDocs and you can do magic with Word and Excel files. Both are great products and there are trial versions.

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