I've owned every major Palm phone that Sprint has ever sold: 2 Style Kyoceras, 2 different Samsungs & 2 different Treos! We are getting better & better, but in my opinion they all SUCK! The problem is there not many alternatives! Sprint has the most affordable plans so I stick with them! I use over 3000 minutes per month & mainly uses my PDA / Phone for the purpose of zynchronizing my 4000 + contact Dadatbase so I have all contacts, notes, histories, etc.. on my phone! My Treo 600 had to be replaced 7x because of poor quality, crashes, etc... I purchased the Treo 650 & yes I wouldn't go backwards because there are some major improvements, but this phone has major issues! I've had it crash so many times in the past 2 weeks I can't even count! Most are Memory issues! Can't use Adobe Reader for Palm becuase it's incompatible! Can't use Act for Palm because it's incompatible! Most applications won't run off the sd card like Palm recommends! Static on the Bluetooth headset; in the process of trying different brands! What ca we use to view vdieo clips on the phone?