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    My 650 constantly resets during hotsyncs. MissingSync log gives my the following info:

    Failed Install (0x4015)
    ? - Unexpected error number 16405

    Anyone else have the same thing?
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    I don't know about the same specific error, but I kid you not: in the first week of owning the 650, it has reset literally 50 times. I'm not joking.
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    I was having the same problem. I believe it is related to memory availability. freeing up mem seems to help a lot.
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    how much memory should we try to have available? I have almost 5mb and it still seems to crash about half the time during a hotsync. I removed the voice dial application which seemed to help a little, but didn't solve the problem.
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    I have 1 meg available. I still get reboots sometimes during hotsync, but a lot less than when I'm under 500k.
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    I added some new contacts this weekend while I was away and I get an error everytime I try to synch now.
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    I have 12.7mb available and get resets on every synch. I posted in another message the same thing. Today is day 4 of owning my 650 and yesterday had no problems. Today when I got to work I plugged in the cable and the phone immediately rebooted. Since then after every synch it reboots.

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