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    I use AOL at home on a PowerMac, and Netscape Mail at work on a G3.

    Any advice on software help me to forward a large backup of stored e-mail messages from each of these systems?
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    I too would like to know of some mac compatible email options!

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    Now that I have the Visor, I think I've figured this one out. The only program that apparently works for the Mac to synch with the desktop is MultiMail Pro with MultiMail Conduit. It doesn't support AOL, and it wasn't clear whether it supported Netscape 4.5, so I chose to get another e-mail account and forward my backlogged messages.

    As far as I could tell, the following programs only work with PCs, not Macs: Mail (built-in), Palmeta Mail, TransAOL, and PDQ Suite.

    And the following programs only work by modem, not to synch with the desktop: One-Touch Communicator, Mail Pilot, HandMail, TopGun Postman, AOL Mail, and PocketFlash. (I don't remember now if these are all Mac-compatible.)

    For more information, a good starting point with lots of links is:

    Good luck!

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