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    I'm not all that familiar with the Bluetooth specs and what's different between 1.1 and 1.2, aside from the two big things I've heard, which are faster connect and adaptive frequency hopping.

    Now, without knowing anything about the implementation details, that sounds like it *might* be possible to do via a firmware upgrade. Are there any hardware changes needed for 1.2? If not, we should be petitioning Palm to issue a 1.2 upgrade!!!! They may even already be planning it...perhaps along with the update to stabalize the BT stack and enable DUN?

    Just a thought.

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    It is my understanding that the BT radio would have to be flashed as well (that may be all that needs to happen to get the benefits you mentioned). I read in another thread somewhere that the provider for the radio has released an upgraded 1.2 firmware for their radio, so the 'hard' work is already done, it's just a matter of writing an app to apply their patch. Perhaps an enterprising forum member could do that for us, if P1 won't.


    (on the other hand, it might be the case that some PalmOS stuff needs to be upgraded as well, in which case we might be SOL)
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    Yes the BT radio (Broadcom 2035) will support BT 1.2 as of a November 4 software update released by Broadcom. However PalmOne would have to update the BT SW on the Treo too, and as of right now, PalmOne's website states that they do not plan to do this.

    My guess is that PalmOne is not going to enhance the existing OS other than bug fixes and try get any new feature put into Cobalt. Hopefully if this is the case the Treo will be able to upgrade to Cobalt.
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    The only thing that would give me some hope for this is that we know that if they intend to actually follow through with their promise to enable Bluetooth DUN, they're going to need to do some work on the Bluetooth stack anyway. Maybe at that time they'll include a 1.2 update.

    Perhaps if we make enough noise about the abysmal bluetooth implementation, that might help??

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