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    I would like to have an application that is a cross between the memo option and the task list... specifically, I'd like to be able to create a memo that has items inside that I can check off.

    I currently create memos for such mundane things as shopping lists and would like to be able to mark the items off as I get them.

    Naturally, if someone has a suggestion on how to use the built in apps, I'm listening.

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    I don't think anything like that exists, though I'm sure it's possible. Why don't you try HandyShopper, which is freeware. I have been using the old release 1.x with no problems and the program can be used for lots of different types of lists, not just shopping.
    There is a brand new release of 2.0 beta, but be careful, it caused a reset on my visor. I am emailing the author to find out why. The benefit of this release, though is that it allows multiple databases which helps if you are really using it for more than shopping. Just search palmgear for handyshopper and you will find it easily.
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    Thanks! I'll check that out... Let me know what the author replies to you...

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    I also find HandyShopper very handy for keeping track of things I need to buy (I guess the name fits). I am using v. 1.7. There is another freeware app called CheckList ( that you may find useful. It lets you create any number of checklists, and assign priorities and notes to individual items. I haven't used it too much yet, but I think I will probably find uses for it.
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    If pauing for it isn't a problem, and you want one that (looks) good (As I don't have my visor yet...), check out ListMaker at .

    It's kinda expensive, but it appears to have a very usable layout.

    - OZ

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    A really trick app is Brainforest from Aportis. It is geared towards checklists that can benefit from being in hierarchical or outline form, instead of all in a straight line. Great for project checklists.

    Unfortunately, it's not freeware. (30$)
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    I heard back from the author, and v. 2.0 of HandyShopper Beta is fixed and appears to be working great! For shopping lists, this program clearly wins, IMHO. As for the others above I have tried them all. Here's my quick and dirty review:
    Checklist- Free. Great for simple lists. Currently using it for packing list for travelling and what's in the freezer downstairs.
    ListMaker- Does allow hierarchy in lists which is neat, but I don't know how often I would use this feature, to justify paying for it. Categories do some of the same things anyway.
    Brainforest- I didn't use this long because there was some conflict with BigToDo, which I was demoing at the same time (although this may be fixed now). My feeling though was that this was too expensive for the features offered. Listmaker was cheaper and did a lot of the same things. For business applications, I guess this would be the way to go, but from that perspective I wasn't very impressed.
    Hope this helps.
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    Brainforest is expense relative to listmaker. I have tried both and for my needs Brainforest works. I don't have any conflicts with it but I don't use Big To Do but I do use ToDo Plus from HandsHigh although with the addition of several features in Action Names if find very little need to use ToDo Plus
    Brainforest does easily export to the ToDo and Memo apps within the Palm OS.

    The great thing is both are shareware and can easily be tried before you buy. Check them out at

    Moose Man

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