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    I know there's been some discussion about this, but I haven't seen a decent answer. Versamail on the T650 works OK for me (not great, but OK) using IMAP. But it never seems to auto sync. I have auto sync set for every 30 minutes. Are others having this problem? Does anyone know a fix?

    Also, has anyone noticed that when you do a soft reset, it sets general system sounds to 4 on a scale of 1 to 4? That's fairly loud when you turn on wireless mode and get the Sprint music.
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    I do not think it works on the 650. I think that's been on the board and I could not get it to work either.

    I'm trying out Snappermail and it does auto fetch for me.
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    Yeah, I'm sure Snappermail is a great product. I wouldn't have minded buying it for my Treo600, but I found the free mail program to be good enough. Interesting new dilemma for Treo 650 owners -- I don't mind paying for 3rd party software, but it's hard to want to pay for a capability that's supposed to work on the native unit, especially since we're all carefully guarding our available memory. If I understand correctly, it would be difficult to delete Versamail to free up memory for Snappermail.

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