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    it looks like Skene Soft has produced a stable build of Ancient Red.

    go to their web site and download version 1.24.

    be sure to delete any prior version from your Visor before installing.

    also, make sure that in your visor's prefs you have game sound turned ON. the game seems to crash when the visor's game sounds are off.

    you can disable game sound from within ancient red without affecting gameplay.

    happy adventuring!


    UPDATE: i submitted the sound issue to skene soft and they have released v1.25 which works great.

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    This looks like a great game and I'm anxious to try it, but with new versions coming out so quickly, I think I'll wait.

    (Yes, I'll admit that the developer seems very receptive, but when I see so many bug fixes, so quickly, it lowers my cinfidence level.)
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    well...the updates that are coming out now are mostly dialogue fixes (making sure the text is proper english).

    the game is great.

    if nothing else grab the demo and take it for a spin. ancient red really sets a new standard for graphics on a palm device.


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