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    I'm stumped...I could have sworn this worked before. I have an IMAP account in Versamail that syncs with my Exchange 2002 Server account. If I delete an email in Versamail and emty the trash (and sync), it nicelly removes the email from the server as well. But when I delete an email from the server, for some reason that deletion never gets synced to my Versmail Inbox...the email stays there until I delete it there manually. What am I missing here?
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    I think you have to manually do a sync on the inbox to get that behavior.
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    Right...when I select "Server Folder Sync" from the menu, it will process the server deletions. Not great, I would much rather see it do that while I process a send/receive.

    Snappermail does a better job of this...but then Snapper has few weaker points as well.

    Thx for the reply.

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