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    I have been using FileProg program to backup my important files to the SD Card for months now. It's really easy.I haven't synched my Treo for a while. I created a folder in my Backup SD Card folder, called it "Important".

    Then, every week (or few days), I backup the following files:

    You can choose other data/pref. files also.

    Offcourse, I also backup in a seperate folder, the latest version of my important programs (Pocket Tunes, Snappermail).

    Just try it. You'll love how easy and simple it is.

    The BEST part is: it's FREEEEE
    MS (
    Treo 300 (Very Soon T600)
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    Got a link?
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    FileProg is a file management app like the ever so popular FileZ. It's not really a true backup program like BackupMan or TealBackup where you can fully backup your device automatically at set times. But if you want to only backup a few files with a free app, I guess this is one way of doing it.

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