Ok, I'm online at home on my broadband account. While I'm surfing I figure what the heck, why not Hotsync through Bluetooth while surfing. I Hotsync, all goes well. A few minutes after I hotsync I get a message on my pc that says I'm not connected to the internet?? Huh? I'm on my cable access. So ok, I hit the reconnect and it tries to go through my Bluetooth DUN connection. Funny thing is I deleted the Bluetooth Dun patch because it wouldn't play nice on my 650. So my questions to anyone who cares to answer are:

1) why the heck would I get "disconnected" from my broadband? Never happened before DUN.
2) why is my pc trying to connect through BT if the DUN was deleted?
3) Why can't you initiate BT Hotsync from the PC?