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    I've had no problem with AvantGo and two message boards, the American Orchid Society forum and the GardenWeb Orchid forum. However, with the Quickbooks and Visor Central boards, perhaps because of the high number of links and ads, I have a lot of trouble. With Visor Central, I can subscribe to each discussion area separately and get reasonable results. However, with quickbooks, I can't get decent results at all. Does anyone have any suggestions? Is it the way I'm setting them up, or does AvantGo just not work very well on message boards? I have just started using AvantGo and don't know what would be reasonable expectations from the program. Thanks!
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    I use the following settings for VisorCentral Dicussion Groups with no trouble at all.

    Maximum Channel Size: 1250KB
    Link Depth: 4
    Include Images: No
    Follow Off-Site Links: No
    Refresh: on every sync

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    That doesn't leave much room for anything else, but I guess I could download one message board one day a week and rotate through the others. Does anyone know of any way to save an AvantGo sync and just load another on in addition?

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