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    I have the most updated version of Backupman, and when I tried to do a restore to my 650 this morning, it wiped out my contacts. I submitted a bug report to the developers only to receive the following reply,"Please see our website for information on the Treo 650." In fact, I couldn't find anything on their site specific to the 650, and given their lack of interest in my report to them, I doubt a patch is coming anytime soon.
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    Quote Originally Posted by finkkatz
    In fact, I couldn't find anything on their site specific to the 650
    From their front page:

    If you have purchased a new Tungsten T5 or Treo 650 handheld from palmOne, please click here for important compatibility information.
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    I have used the latest beta version 3x's now to do a full restore without any problems! Contacts are fine everytime!
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    same should water doen your thread title. I think I have seen the problem you describe in one other post. I have have seen successful use posted by MANY users. i am a meber of this group, the new backupman has saved my **** several times now. I highly recommend checking it out. Sorry for your problems but as of yet the are in the posted minority.

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