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    Why buy software when there is so much for free? Let's start a list of good freeware out there. (I am a novice)

    To start, I have loaded CSpotRun with Treasure Island, Big clock (a great program with alarms and timers), Handyshopper (preparing lists of stores and goods to buy) and Avantgo. Avantgo is fantastic ( I can read various newspapers in english and french downloaded from the web. There is also a Christian devotional that can be downloaded. The visor actually dials up the internet automatically from the cradle. The only thing is I have to click off the internet manually.
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    Hey Redmud,
    You're right, there's tons of free stuff out there. My list includes:

    LauncherIII (tab-based app manager with reset, backlight and beam/delete app functions)
    EVPlugBase (a freeware replacement for Hackmaster, all hacks working great so far)
    DiddleBug (a doodling program with alarms and a link feature to automatically put info into other apps like memopad)
    Afterburner (over or underclocks the Visor to speed up apps or save battery life)
    Album-To-Go (an image viewer in the form of a photo album)
    Mahjongg (chinese tiles game)
    App/DA Launcher (hack that includes a pop-up calculator and RAM display as well as maps the Apps button for four different functions)
    CaseToggleHack (change case with double-taps, triple taps, etc...)
    GreenLightHack (Backlight Inverter)
    ClearHack (removes the underlining in text fields)
    Keyb+Graffiti (allows simultaneous virtual keyboard and graffiti input)
    LeftHack (moves many scrollbars to the left of the screen)
    No Streak Hack (reduces screen streaking by changing the refresh rate, good for grayscale games on Visor)
    PadlockHack (allows you to assing a power-on password using the hardware buttons)
    Swipe (assign functions to stylus swipes in 7 different directions)
    ATool! (multiple functions including a battery graph, voltage meter, soft-reset function, random coin toss, etc...)

    I think that's enough for now. Most of these apps are available at PalmGear.

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    Mr. Wizard.

    thanx. what a great list. just what i was looking for.:-)

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    Great stuff. One question about the backlight converter. Does it require more battery juice - is that the reason for the inverted lighting to begin with.

    Anyone else out there with more freeware?
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    In addition to some of the freeware already mentioned, I also use the following that can be downloaded from PalmGear and PalmCentral.

    BigClock: excellent clock with multiple alarms, timers, and user-programmable musical alarm tones to wake up to.

    DigiChek: to check where your unit thinks your stylus is pointing on the screen, if you suspect your digitizer is off.

    GrafAid: displays your graffiti strokes and which character the graffiti program interprets those strokes to be. Good for improving the accuracy of your graffiti writing. Once you master graffiti, then you can use...

    WPM: to see how fast you write in graffiti by writing "the quick brown fox..."

    Benchmark: measures and compares the speed of your unit relative to other models, especially when using AfterBurner to overclock your unit.

    MineSweeper: to pass the time away while waiting in line.

    PocketChess: an excellent chess implementation for PalmOS and it's free!

    SafeHack: on shutdown, automatically hides any private data that you may have left "open" in the "show" mode after you had viewed them (PalmOS doesn't do this automatically!)

    ChronoHack + ChronoPanel: drop-down quick display of the current time and battery voltage using a defined stroke at any time in any screen or app.

    HackDeleteHack: reminds you to uncheck/deactivate a hack first before you can delete it (prevents hack hangups, especially if you try a lot of different hacks and frequently delete the ones you find not useful).

    In addition, there are also some useful "trialwares" (ie. shareware with time limits or limited to less functions than the registered version).

    One such program is FastApp: using definable strokes from any of the silkscreen buttons, you can launch a certain program, turn on/off the backlight or even shutdown and lock the unit without having to wade through menus and tabs!

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    I looked up Pocketchess at Palmgear and found that it was shareware. Does anyone know of a freeware solo type chess game?
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    I didn't realize it, but the PocketChess I have is an older version 1.0 (released in 1998), which was/is freeware, but can no longer be found. The current version 1.1 is shareware as you noted.

    As far as I know, I don't see any other chess games for the PalmOS.
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    BigClock is pretty good, but if you don't need the alarms and just want a simple clock with a pretty cool display, check out Dali Clock at:

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    Still waiting on my Visor but here are some great sites with only free stuff on them:

    Let me know what's good here so I can load up when my Visor shows.

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    I forgot to mention, both sites have freeware versions of PocketChess.

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    I just checked both sites you mentioned and yes, pocketchess 1.1 is listed as freeware there. They must be mistaken though, because if you visit the author's homesite from the links provided, it is share/honourware at $15.

    Another cool clock is Matrix, based on the movie! Check it out at

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    Does BigClock allow you to run the timers or stopwatch functions in the background (e.g. multitasking) so that I could do other things on the Visor while they are running?
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    Yes, Bigclock will run the alarms in the background (even if you turn your Visor off). It's a very nice program.

    Other freeware that I like:

    Traffic (addictive game!)
    HotDate (displays appts, to dos - has many cool features)
    Cryptopad (notepad with encryption)
    3Alarm (nice alarm enhancement)

    Keep the ideas comming!!

    Rick Bailey

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