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    How much music or movies can fit on a 1Gb card to use on the Treo 600? Any ideas out there?
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    Movies approx 1 MB per minute depending on compression settings. (30minute TV show = 30 MB)
    Music - Standard MP3 can be 1-7 MB per song depending on quality settings, 2-4MB typical but you could certainly record with lower settings for the 600.
    Note that you'll get less storage than listed (ie 512M card = 480M of usuable storage) because of overhead just like your hard drive has smaller space than spec
    Also note that if you use your SD card for backup and other program you'll lose a fair bit of space.
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    Is it uncommon to have a dedicated SD for Backup and a seperate one for the media? Since the price has gotten so reasonable that is probably what I will do.

    Any there any suggesstions on good software for compressing the music and movies? Also is the transfer to the card a simple "Drag and Drop?"

    Thanks in advance.
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    Check out Kinoma's software (and "Hot Deal" bundle prices) here:

    I am using the Mac version and it works great.

    I also have a LaCie USB card reader which works for many different kinds of removable media and I just drag and drop files to the card using the reader as a writer. Works perfectly.

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