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    Does anyone know of a way to send photos with Versamail as inline images, instead of non-inline attachments?

    I can only see a way to send a photo as an attachment. If I was to send a photo to my mother's hotmail account, I don't think she'd be able to figure out how to save the attachment as a file on her computer and then view it with an image view.

    It would be nice if there's a way to include a photo as an inline image.

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    Hmm, it looks like one problem may be that Versamail attaches images with the MIME type "application/octet-stream" instead of "image/jpeg" as it should be.

    Oh well... I ended up setting up a system where I can mail photos to a perl script on my server, and it will rearrange the MIME attachments before forwarding the message on, so that people can see my images.

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