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    I'm going crazy trying to figure out what case to get for this phone. Currently I'm using a leather pouch type case designed for the 600, but three problems. First...the speaker is covered by the case and makes hearing the ringer in noisy areas difficult. Second...I can get the phone out easy enough, but sometimes it hits the buttons while sliding it out and messes up the call. Third...the clip doesn't hook under my belt and caused a few panic moments when I realized my phone was gone, both times found in my car seat...whew!

    I work in a service environment and get lots of calls and text messages. I want to protect the phone and have easy access for answering calls, text messages and using full PDA functions. Not to mention I'd like to feel secure that the phone won't fall off my belt.

    Anyone come across a decent case that might fit my needs? Any help in locating a case designed for the 650 would be greatly appreciated.
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    The case I have ($30 from P1, $25 from TreoCentral or $7 from Dan's Cellular) is this one:

    The front is clear plastic and you can operate most functions through it while in the case.

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