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    whenever I hotsync, it freezes on contacts. have to soft reset treo & control-alt-delete to close hotsync. contacts never get backed up. i uninstalled palm desktop a few times & hard reset my treo650. i think it has something to do with the format of "address book" on treo 600 being converted to "contacts" on treo 650. still no solution though. any help?
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    I had the same problem and was unable to access my contacts from my Treo 600 to transfer them to the new 650. I resolved the problem by manually placing my contacts in my 650. Not the best solution but it worked.
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    well i have all my contacts entered in treo 650, just can't hotsync to pc...
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    well i changed the way i synchronize from palm desktop to outlook & the good news is it doesn't freeze up but it times out & skips the contacts database! i installed the patch too. what the hell do i do?!!
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    I seem to remember something about corrupted contacts - there's an option in Palm Desktop to 'fix' them - not sure it will work if you can't sync, but it's worth a try...try searching for corrupted contacts in this forum or on MTDN...
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    bump! i seacrhed for corrupted contacts & found nuttin...
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    What I had to do when I had this problem was to beam them to my 650 from my 600 category by category. this was the only way i could get it to sync. See if that helps (providing you still have your 600 or beamable device)
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    Quote Originally Posted by treoneo
    bump! i seacrhed for corrupted contacts & found nuttin...
    Check out post #10 in this thread.
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    thanx a bunch eric but i just checked and i do not have any photos installed unless they are hidden & carried over from 650...

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