Greetings all,

My company has purchased GoodLink for deployment on @ 200 Treo 600's (with 650's now in the mix). I am using GoodLink 3.7 now, but will be adding 3.8 as the 650's come in.

My question is about the Ringo app. Is there anyone out there using GoodLink and Ringo successfully? I would expect problems since GoodLink hides the default Palm PIM apps and databases. One of our users is not getting Caller ID info to show on his Treo 600 since moving to GoodLink from Infowave Sym Pro. He also says the names of contacts do not show up in SMS messages, only the phone number. I tested this on my Treo running Beta 1 of GoodLink (gotta love OTA provisioning!) and I DO see contacts in Caller ID and in SMS.

Please forgive me if this is in the wrong forum in advance.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!