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    Quote Originally Posted by finkkatz
    I agree with you that backup buddy was fantastic with my Treo 600. My point here is that it DOES NOT WORK with the 650. They need to develop a patch. It's specifically the PIM info that does not properly restore from a backup.

    what is backup buddy????
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    Quote Originally Posted by MikeRadio
    what is backup buddy????
    try the search is aalso a good place to start when looking for software.
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    I am using BackupMan v1.52b5. The backups work without error, however I receive an out of memory message if I launch a web page (any page) imediatly following a backup.

    I have 7mb free of internal and plenty of SD memory free.

    Would someone mind confirming this problem?
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    I was able to restore my PIM files by taking an outlook contacts and calendar backup I had, restoring it to my desktop, then I synced after setting hotsync so "desktop overwrites palm". I'll never touch Backup man again until they release a patch.
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