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    I wanted to replace the Visor Desktop with 3rd party Pim software. What is the best? Franklin Planner, Daytimer, Outlook. Or, are there others that I don't know about?
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    This is a tough call:
    I use Outlook only because of being forced to via my corporate direction. I am in the process of migrating to Act2000 because of the new feature's which allow me to track sales calls etc.

    To say which PIM is the personal of an issue. Outlook syncs easily with the provided conduit and the Visor after that you might have to go to a secondary conduit provider which will typically slow down the syncing.

    I'd say that Daytimer and Franklin systems are good...Franklin now has a hang on to Outlook and Palm which is probably the best of both and paper.

    Daytimer is good at paper, I know having used them for 15 years before going tech 4+ years ago.

    You'll probably just have to try some of them to decide what is best for you.
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    I use ACT!2000 and it synchs well with my VDx. Now that I use "Action Names" on the Visor, even the notes synch.

    I have used ACT!2000 since v.1.0 dos, so I don't say this lightly, but I have recently been researching switching to Goldmine for its sales tracking integration. ACT!2000's sales modules are very clunky, can't be searched or sorted, and in order to see them you have to print a report. Supposedly in GM this is all eliminated.

    On the Visor, I currently use "Sales Warrior" to track sales.

    Anyone using Goldmine?


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