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    I am evaluating whether I should purchase Pocket-DVD studio for my Treo 650.

    I downloaded the trial software. After I installed the program and codec on my PC (XP Pro w/SP2), I was able to open my movie dvd and start recording/ecoding (320x240). However, when I tried to save the file I get the following error:

    1. Invalid Floating Point Operation

    2. Floating Point Divide by Zero

    Is this a bug? Any suggestions?


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    I had the same problem happen TWICE! Am I doing something wrong?
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    if this is version 2, there are other reports that it is buggy.

    try the latest 1.x version. should still be available to download.
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    Yeah, stick to the 1.2.6 version. All the 2.x versions are extremely buggy. It should be on the website.

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