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    Thanks Ti I'll look into it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ti-maniac
    Here it says GPS support requires an NMEA - compatible GPS receiver attached to your Palm serial port.
    I wonder if my new TomTom receiver is, "NMEA - compatible"?

    That's so funny, I'e subscribed to Vindigo for 2 years and never noticed the "GPS" references. Then again, I didn't own a GPS unit until TODAY.

    Thanks for pointing that out. Let's keep this discussion going.
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    NMEA is the standard that all of these devices use. It is a standard for the GPS unit itself, the Holux, etc.
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    Cool. But I turned on my wonderful TomTom receiver (GPS antenna) which works incredibly with TomTom, but it didn't seem to have any love connection with Vindigo. The menu said "No data". Anyone else have any luck?
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