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    Downloaded the obligatory "Moby ****" (remember digging the hell out of it in college and can't wait to reread it 20 yrs later) and unzipped it to a .prc format.

    WinZip tells me this will be loaded into my HS next time I Sync (which is next time I get to the house of a buddy who has a PC that'll accept my USB cradle while I wait for my serial cradle to arrive in the mail etc etc oh what a tangled web yadda yadda ...) ANYHOW:

    QUESTION: Will I be able to read .prcs with LaunchEm or any of the core Palm OS software?
    Do I need another app?

    venice, ca
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    You'll need a DOC reader to read the file. A popular one, and what I use, is CSpotRun. It's freeware and very functional. The only thing it doesn't do that a lot of people require is a bookmark function.

    What I found is that if I'm reading a doc using it and switch to another app, when I restart CSpotRun, it brings me right back to the page I was on so I don't think it's that big a deal. Only if you switch docs a lot will the lack of bookmarks be a problem.

    There are other doc readers available including iSilo and AportisDoc but they are shareware. You can download and try them out to see what works best for you.

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    Sr. Wizard:

    Many thanks for gently leading me out of complete ignorance. I'll go look up both those items immeejitly.

    However, the files I have waiting for upload are labeled .prc, not .doc. Will they require any translation either before or after sync?


    venice, ca

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    Is the original one you have in .doc format? There is a program called Install Buddy which I use religiously that allows one to drag and drop .doc .txt and even .pdf files to be converted to palm format...

    I have over 300 megs of junk to read now for the Visor... Thinking of opening a web site dedicated to free E-text.

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    the "doc" referred to was probably referring to the palm document standard, not .doc as in microsoft word document. If you had something like mobydick.prc and you double clicked on it and were told it would hotsync next time, you will be able to read it with one of the "doc" readers mentioned. There are programs to convert Word .doc files to palm .prc "doc" files if you need to do that, but it didn't sound like it. MakeDoc adds a "palm" option on your MS Word menu. I've used it and it worked well.
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    Thanks much for the insight. Look forward to some heavy reading.


    venice, ca

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