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    I have searched these forums and I cannot seem to find anyone with the exact same problem so here it goes...

    I am noticing a pattern that when I set versa mail to perform an active sync with the exchange server my Treo 650 begins to soft reset frequently and it appears that the resets and the background active sync occur at the same time. If I increase the active sync frequency to 5 mins I will see a soft reset within 30 mins almost guaranteed. Does anyone have a stable setup using exchange active sync in VersaMail performing a sync every 5 or 15 mins?

    I've tried performing a hard reset, then setting up my activesync with exchange and it appears to work for at least a day. However, as soon as I add my contacts list or start syncing it with hot sync I start seeing soft resets and crashes. I've even tried setting up a new profile for hot sync and only syncing my treo with outlook and nothing else but it still starts to soft reset or "reboot" on a regular basis when 5 or 15 min auto sync is turned on.

    I do not see this problem with a manual sync. I am noticing that it does not appear to make a difference what I am doing at the time of the auto sync because It has crashed while the phone application is running, the camera application is running, while versa mail is running... It does not seem to make a difference what is running at the time of auto sync to cause the crash. Each time I type is ##377 to see which application was running at the time of the crash and it can show a different application for every reset. Sometimes, it doesn't even tell me why it rebooted. I watch it reboot and then go in an type ##377 an it only shows me information regarding the previous reset. Which leads me to believe the problem is with the background auto sync and not something else on my device.

    Basically, I want this device to auto sync all day long every 5 mins with my exchange server. Is anyone doing this without frequent reboots, resets or crashes?
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    I have mine on a 5 minute interval from 7 AM - 11 PM and I'm not seeing the issues that you are. I don't tend to hot-sync much so I don't know if that is the difference. i also have 3 accounts auto-synching, though at a slower interval than my main one.

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